Carpet Cleaning Pensacola, FL

Carpet Repairs for Pensacola & Navarre, FL

If you have recently gotten a new puppy, there is most likely a new rip in your carpet that magically appeared. Maybe you have a cat that likes to use your carpet as a scratching board. The Carpet Clinic is available to repair any tears and scratch marks in your flooring, and we can also provide restretching services if your carpet is getting lumpy. This isn't the end of the road for your carpeting; call us today for carpet repair services in Pensacola and Navarre, FL.

Carpet Cleaning

Deep stains? No problem. Our truck-mounted equipment lets us get our entire carpet cleaning process done in a snap. We will remove stains, allergens, and those pesky dust bunnies. From mud to a fine merlot, we will be there to save the day. With our commercial and residential services, your home or business will leave the best of impressions on all of your guests.

Water Damage

We know just as well as the next person that living in Florida can get a bit wet. At The Carpet Clinic, we can reverse your water damage! Whether there has been a large storm, or one of your pipes decided to burst in the middle of the night, we will be there in a jiffy to restore all of the damage. 

Water damage can do a lot of damage to your walls, floors, and to your basement if not corrected. Don't let water sit! Take care of the problem immediately. Give us a call, no matter what time, and we can give you a quote!

Tile & Grout Cleaning
The Carpet Clinic is also a tile and grout clinic! We also have the tools to thoroughly clean your hard surfaces and grout. Your tiled kitchen floor will be clean enough to eat off of by the time we are done, and sparkly, too. Contact us today!
Upholstery Cleaning
Your furniture will eventually need more than the standard vacuuming under the cushions and pillows. Sometimes, we simply don’t feel like eating at the table. In this case, sometimes our dinner can make its way into the fibers of our furniture. Allow The Carpet Clinic to provide you with our upholstery services. Our equipment is tough on stains and gentle on the materials of your prized furnishings.


Are there stains or burns embedded in your carpeting? These visible patches will never be able to be removed with a standard stain remover, but there is hope! You don’t have to replace your entire carpet. The Carpet Clinic can simply repair the damaged patches and voila; your floor is blemish-free.

High-Rise/Condos/Beach Rentals

Do you own a rental property? You might not realize this, but The Carpet Clinic offers our services to high-rises, condos, and even beach rentals in Pensacola. We are able to do this because our portable equipment is powerful enough to handle the toughest tile grout and the dirtiest carpets, no matter where you are located. Our state-of-the-art equipment can provide the same high-quality services that we provide to our clients in single-family homes. We are proud to be able to provide a wide variety of services for many different materials, such as carpet, upholstery, and tile.

Contact The Carpet Clinic today! We are equipped to handle homes, businesses, and condos or high-rises for each and every one of our services.

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